Thursday, March 1, 2007

We're Here!

We did it! We conquered the MTC and left wondering if we would remember a thing we learned about how to run a mission office. But the MTC spiritual high is what we know will get us through the hard beginning weeks . We're grateful for a few more days with our family and all their help as we pack up a UHaul trailer to bring a few important needs with us: our wonderful pillow top mattress, Ron's recliner, and since there's room, a few other must haves for the next two years. We bid our family a tearful goodbye and head off for the 3 day, 2000 + mile drive to Michigan. The next step in our adventure begins!
And here we our new home! It took several days to find an apartment we liked, but the looking was worth the effort because our new home has all the comforts of our old home, but with much less space to keep up. We love having two bedrooms that allows us a place to set up a desk and computer and we even have covered parking and a deck overlooking a pond with wildlife. Home sweet home!

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