Thursday, May 29, 2008

Michigan Spring #2

Missionary trailer problems
Map we mounted on the wall in Mission Office with pins for where every missionary's home is
Teaching with object lesson at the Melzer home
Elders Emery and Franklin - serving at St Johns with us
Just another day in the Mission Office...
Sister Fredline, Pres Edwards, Us, Assistants - Elders Paxman & Jacobson

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zone Conference Activity Day

Our recent zone conferences were a yearly fun day for recreation, good food, and the reconnecting of missionaries. We were able to borrow a grill locally and prepared steak and everything sandwiches for about 85 at each location. It was almost like cooking for our youth conferences and stake gatherings back home.

Elder Brunner still has his great softball skills. He just borrowed a younger set of legs to run the bases for him!

Our "Spanish" elders

Our beautiful "sister" missionaries

The end of the day.
So much fun, so little time to play.

Michigan Spring

Check out this tree. Double click on the photo and you'll see the tree trunk is blooming. Only in Michigan!

Spring in Michigan is beautiful! There are hundreds of flowering trees, more than we've ever seen at home. As we drive around the state for zone conferences, the countryside is greening up and beautiful homes and barns abound. There are many small lakes and ponds, with wild geese and ducks on most of them. Deer are often grazing in the fields, undisturbed by the passing cars. The only thing missing are mountains...and our kids and grandkids.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Women's Conference

In April I was asked to present a class for the Lansing Stake Women's Conference. We titled it "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission...When I Have Grown to 62". A play on the words of a popular children's song. It was a great opportunity to share insights we've gained on the importance and blessings of service as senior missionaries.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Duck on a Rock

This is Jake. He frequents the pond outside our apartment building. We watch him every morning and evening as he perches majestically on this rock. We think he is suffering from a broken heart. There used to be three ducks. The other two left, and have not returned. Jake appears to be waiting and watching every day for his true love to return. We surmise she was kidnapped and is trying to return to him now, and so he waits, patiently and forlornly...

These are our two geese, who also frequent our pond. As you can see, they have a happy union and find great joy in each others companionship. We're searching for the perfect names for them. We've tried Romeo and Juliet, David and Jezebell, Lucy and Ricky, Ethel and Fred, Antony and Cleopatra, Scarlett and Rhett, but they just don't quite fit. Any suggestions?

Anyone Need a Car?

Here he is, the Car Czar of Michigan Lansing Mission. We recently received nine new 2008 Malibu's and two 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan minivans. Consequently, Elder Brunner had to sell the 11 old ones. Two weeks later...7 Malibus and 1 van sold. Who knew with all those other talents, there is now car selling added to the list!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Holland in Michigan?

Our sister Nancie came to visit in April and we took a little journey to Holland. Who knew it was right here in Michigan! We had a fun day learning about windmills and enjoying the beauties of a Michigan spring. It was great to have Nancie here, if only for part of two days. She's making her way around America to visit all the family. Mom and Dad would be pleased.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Family Visits in March 2008

Donovan and Katherine made our Easter very happy this year by coming to visit and bringing JT (5) and Nathan (20 mo.). We wondered if we would be able to find anything for them to do because it was still cold and snowy outside, but just being together was the best! We went to the park and froze our nose and toes, the Children's Museum and learned about water, bubbles, music, dinosaurs, moving heavy things, and tons more. We colored eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, and had fun hanging out at our little apartment. In between they entertained themselves in very creative ways while we carried on with our responsibilitites in the Mission Office. It was hard to see them leave, but we felt very blessed to have 5 1/2 days of happy family times!

Children's Museum Fun for JT and Nathan

More Family Fun