Friday, May 23, 2008

Women's Conference

In April I was asked to present a class for the Lansing Stake Women's Conference. We titled it "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission...When I Have Grown to 62". A play on the words of a popular children's song. It was a great opportunity to share insights we've gained on the importance and blessings of service as senior missionaries.


Little Monkey Mama said...

Auntie Murray! You are SO NOT 62! You are barely 50, right? :) I love the title of the class. Very clever. And you are looking really good these days. Seriously. No sarcasm. Seriously. :)

Love, Jessica :รพ

Ron and Mary Brunner said...

Thanks Jessica, you made my day!
I think I'm only 50...I'm sure that's right. I guess if I could stay 29 for 10 years I can stay 50 for a few more!

Jared, Becky, Emmalie and Kyler said...

Cute idea. I bet it was amazing, though you could never admit it! And... play the 50 card a little longer. You played the 29 card a lot longer than 10 years!

betty said...

What a perfect choice to present that class! Wish I could have been there to "learn a thing or two".