Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grandchildren's Comments:

May 13, 2007 - Three year old Kyler told us he wants to "be a missionary and come to Missigun to be with you"

January 13, 2008 - Five year old JT was saying goodbye to us on a recent phone call. He reminded us of our daily charge when he said "have a good week teaching the people about Jesus".


Tiffany said...

What great examples you are to those beautiful grandkids! They'll always remember that you served the Lord, and I'm sure it'll make them want to serve too! I love you guys, and miss you!

Marilyn Ehlers said...

Ron and Mary Brunner---You look like you are having too much fun. How can you not have fun in such gorgeous country? Very cool that you can even have visits from kids and grandkids. What a marvelous thing you are doing. What a marvelous blessing you are to your Mission. We love you and admire your decision to go. Thanks for all the blog goodies. We love knowing what it's like for a couple to be on a mission. It's the closest we'll ever get to one. Oh, happy half-way mark!

Becky said...

Have I told you that I love your blog! When I come out will you teach me how to even do a blog!! I love you!