Thursday, August 21, 2008


Katherine shared this sweet story:

Tonight Donovan taught our Family Home Evening lesson which was on recognizing the Holy Ghost. At the end I chose the closing song "I Know That My Redemmber Lives." The kids learned this song at church this last year, and it was perfect to go along with our lesson. Donovan told us to see how we feel when we sing the song and to see if we recognize the Holy Ghost, and then we would talk about it after the song. Well, after the first phrase, JT says "Okay, Okay. I felt it." Donovan said did you feel happy? And JT says "No, I felt like my heart was getting so big inside of me, like it was shining or something." We decide to sing again so we can finish the song, and I could barely sing because I was so emotional. Now whenever I sing that song, I will remember that is when my son learned to recognize the Spirit. Such a testimony to me that Family Home Evening is such a powerful tool in raising children today.

I love this special experience JT, and all of his family had. The fact that an almost 6 year old could put into words what the Holy Ghost feels like is amazing to us. And so precious. One of those wonderful moments that one can never plan for, but that are never forgotten when they occur. I love Family Home Evening, and that at least once each week there is a special time to talk about things like this, and help little ones, and not so little ones too, learn and grow and be together. And I love that Heavenly Father blessed a special little boy with this beautiful experience, that he and his family will never forget.


betty said...

What a beautiful experience. Doesn't it make you so happy to see your children being such wonderful parents...and the blessings that come to them because of that!! So good to hear such an uplifting story.

Connie said...

What an uplifting experience to share. Aren't these little latter day spirits the greatest? Good job, mom and dad. You are already being rewarded for teaching your children the gospel in FHE.

C. Barlow