Friday, December 5, 2008

The Changing of the Guard - Step 2

We just completed the final Zone Conferences of our mission. We traveled to three different locations on three different days. Each conference was wonderful, each was sad.
We were asked to bear our testimonies and we cried as each of these opportunities came. And now, zone conferences are done for another transfer period. We will have returned home when they meet again in January 2009.
We will never again see many of these amazing young, and senior, missionaries. We may never again have the opportunity to learn and be taught in such a setting.
It's hard to have such times come to an end.
It's hard to say goodbye.

We received many letters and notes expressing kindness and love. That's what our mission has been filled with, kindness and love from so many. We don't feel worthy of the love they have so generously expressed. It seems we have not done enough to deserve such kindness. What can one ever do to deserve kindness? Our missionaries are just good to the core, and it shows in every aspect of their lives. How blessed we are to have it overflow onto us.

They will be forever in our hearts. I suppose that we will never be the same. I hope that we will never be the same.
Our gratitude knows no bounds.

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Grandma B said...

Mary and Ron,
"Well done, thou good and faithful servants..." Your service has been amazing, and at a time when many personal matters made it even more of a sacrifice.
We are excited to have you back on Mulberry Way. You have been missed.
And Mary, just to let your know that your service to the Lord is never ever is done, we as your RS Stake presidency would like to invite you to be one of our class speakers at our March 7, 2009 Stake Women's Conference. Ardett Kapp will be our keynote and we are so excited about the conference. Our theme is Strong and Immovable. The subject we would like you to speak on is "Strong and Immovable Through Personal Righteousness". Your name came after mighty prayer and fasting. If you could let us know if you can accept as soon as possible, we can talk over the details after your home and after the holidays. Hurry home.
Love, Janet