Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Michigan Summer

We are amazed at the huge Michigan yards. Everyone has a riding lawnmower. We are more grateful than ever for Donovan and Katherine, who are watching over and taking care of our yard and home so we can focus on other things during this season of our lives. It will be hard going back to all that yard work in 2009!

Corn, corn everywhere!

We're driving along a country road and much to our surprise, realize there are airplanes out in that field! Upon further inspection, we discover this is a rural St Johns, MI airport (of sorts). Those ingenious farmers are always looking for another means of revenue!

We love the unexpected wildlife surprises in Michigan. One morning as we were leaving for the Mission Office, these geese sauntered across the parking lot and onto the grass beside one of the apartment buildings. We grabbed the camera and watched and clicked away as they made their way to their destination of choice - the pond outside our back patio. There are geese, ducks, frogs, muskrats, heron, squirrels, birds, and lightning bugs that frequent this pretty setting. We love it!
(click on the photo to see the little ones they were leading to the pond)

Wildflowers grow everywhere.
This is a pretty meadow view near our apartment.


Little Monkey Mama said...

It is beautiful there. I love wildflowers.

A few years ago when mom was visiting me in Maryland she remarked at how beautiful everyone's yards were and how they all had so much pretty green grass. I laughed and told her that it isn't grass, it's just the weeds that they mow and it looks like grass. Green is green, you cut it, it looks great!

Tiffany said...

Gorgeous! I love, love the picture of the corn fields with the red barn in the distant background. It looks like a post card. You take great photos! And it's sooo pretty there! Thanks for the update!