Sunday, July 27, 2008


Tonight we had a Branch Pioneer Day Celebration at the park. We had crazy pioneer games and activities (panning for gold, stick pull, tug-0-war, log sawing, nail pounding, pioneer relay race, wagon rides, great food, and lots more). It was fun and busy and reminded us of home and the big deal that pioneer day is at home in Utah. A special remembering day of the pioneers who sacrificed so much to come to a new land, where they would be free to worship as they pleased. It's always fun to share this day with our children and grandchildren, and often extended Brunner family too.

We came home and Ron headed off to bed, but I had other plans. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day Commeration Concert was being broadcast live on BYU TV, and I knew our computer would bring that great event into our home! So, for the last 2+ hours I've been enjoying the concert, complete with guest artists, the Osmond family. It's been such a spiritual high, and also so much fun, crying one minute and laughing the next. I've loved it so much, I'm watching it for the second time as I write this post. The Osmonds are amazing. How could so much talent and goodness come all in one family? And, I have a serious love affair going on with the choir. They are fabulous, and I miss seeing or hearing The Spoken Word each Sunday, and getting into at least one or two concerts a year. But tonight, I'm in reminiscent heaven! Such a little thing, but such joy it has brought. Life is good!

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Tiffany said...

Don't you just love the church! Even as far away as Michigan you get to enjoy the pioneer spirit. And the concert was awesome! I got to go on Friday night, and it was incredible! The Osmonds got a standing ovation. They've still got it after all these years. And of course, the choir and orchestra were as incredible as always!