Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missionary Miracles

One of the things we've become aware of the last year are the miracles around us every day, which really feel like very tender mercies of the Lord in our lives.

We are frequently enabled in our Mission Office labors in amazing ways. Having important things brought to our minds that need to be attended to; being able to figure out computer programs or lay out documents or spread sheets in ways that we have no idea how to accomplish, but are able to do; having the right person that knows the right information 'just happen to come into the office' right when needed; having strength and energy to work very long days and nights, very frequently; ...and the list could go on and on.

Recently we've experienced some health related things that are very special miracles. Quite suddenly last month I had alot of pain in my lower back. I recognized the intense pain immediately as I had experienced it once before when I had injured my back and was diagnosed with a bulging disc. I knew it could herniate if I was not very careful. When this happened the last time 4-5 years ago, it took many months of doing almost nothing physically for it to heal. This time, it has improved drastically in only about a month. I've gone to the office every day, and quite miraculously, the longer we are there, the better it feels. There is no explanation for this except for the kindness and blessings of the Lord. How could working and sitting at a desk for 8-12 hours a day make an injured back better? When I am at home, I've discovered that an old chair that we brought with us to use at a desk is the exactly perfect fit for relieving stress and pressure on my spine. I roll it from room to room and am comfortable whenever sitting in it. Who knew when we got this chair at a garage sale, when we tossed it in the moving trailer, when we had already used it for 1 1/2 years here in MI, that it would be such a blessing to an aching back now. Well, we know who...

And, Ron has recently experienced his own miracle. In fact, our miracles happened on the same day. The day I went to the Mission Office even though I could not get out of bed alone, or dress alone, or hardly walk - Ron received word that the recent testing of his heart showed that it was back in rhythm. He has had arrythmia for at least 5 years, had numerous procedures and medications to try to get things back the way they were supposed to be, without success, and has had declining health ever since. Now, out of the blue, his heart is back in proper rhythm. If that is not a miracle, we don't know what is.

This week Ron got a cold. One of those miserable ones that put you to bed and make you wish you could just sleep for a week. These colds usually put Ron down for a week or two. He's had a few crummy days, but the fourth day into this, he is feeling better, not worse. He has just gone to the office and done the best he could each day, and is amazed at how this is turning out. Another miracle.

We know there are times in life that these things are not so apparent. Times when things are just tough. We've had some of those times. But even in those times, there are special miracles and evidences of our Heavenly Fathers love and care. We hope to be more watchful and aware of them in the future. Today, we are extremely grateful for the special miracles He continues to bless us with.


Connie said...

Those are miracles. Bless you. Thanks for sharing. Love to both of you. Sister Barlow

betty said...

My memory is so bad I had to get a "blessing journal". Just so I would remember all the blessings I receive every day. It is wonderful to look back on when I am having a particularly rough patch. I might just add your blessings to my journal so I can remember them too!!

Tiffany said...

Wow, those are neat! That's some good Sunday talk material. :)