Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference - Michigan style

Today was our fourth General Conference in Michigan. We loved it!

It's a bit different than back home. For one thing, we're two hours later, so the first session begins at noon rather than 10 am. That makes for a leisurely morning, of sorts. We were able to complete many of our typical preparation day labors: study, laundry, cleaning, baking, etc.
Another difference is that we travel to our little branch building to view the sessions.

The heating and air conditioning is all the same in our building - cold. So, we bundle up in blankets to stay comfortable. This heating/air conditioning problem is one of the few great frustrations for Elder Brunner. Having worked in the industry and designed heating and air conditioning systems and overseen installation of such in churches for 40 years, he has to bite his tongue every week when he can not solve the very poor heating and air conditioning the saints here have to put up with. But that is another story for another time. Back to conference...

Because it is some distance to get to the church, those of us who do not have satellite transmission at our home share a meal in between the sessions. Today we made a potato casserole (because we were given potatoes from someones garden) and a breakfast cake. Tomorrow we are bringing a squash casserole (because we acquired squash from someone elses garden) and a chicken pasta salad. So, we finish the first session, enjoy a lovely meal, view the wonderful specials in between sessions (which today were on the life of President Monson the first hour, and the Savior the second hour), then we see the second session.

After this we went to visit one of our less active families, had a great visit, and then back for the Priesthood session. The branch provides pizza before that session begins. Which we were too late for Elder B to enjoy any of, darn.

I headed to the little nearby strip mall and filled up the car with gas, got a couple things at the dollar store (which there are a zillion of in Michigan), a few groceries, and then home. I started working on our food for tomorrow, and then Elder B got home and told me about the wonderful Priesthood session, and now we are preparing for bed as the hour is approaching 11pm. And that is our conference Saturday.

The talks were just what we needed to hear, the spirit was strong, the feelings and insights many and powerful. It is always a delight to participate in General Conference. That is no different in Michigan, just a different setting, but the same amazing spiritual feast. We look forward to another wonderul day tomorrow!


Brunner said...

We thought conference was really great too! We're so sad that this will be your last conference away from Salty City--NOT. We are so happy to counting the days til our momma and papa come home. We miss you!

Jared, Becky, Emmalie and Kyler said...

Conf was awesome! Next conf, you will be sitting in your comfy, WARM front room. We are so spoiled and blessed here in Utah.