Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Visit

September brought the special blessing of having some of our family visit us. Ron's brother Fred, and his daughter Deborah and husband Cory made a quick jaunt to Michigan for the weekend. We loved having them here and catching up on the family. Unfortunately, it rained the entire time they were here, so our planned trip to see Lake Superior, lighthouses, musical water fountain, rollercoasters and submarine, were all tossed aside in the torrents. But, we had fun anyway, and ate our way around the Lansing area!
Cory and Deb were fabulous as they sang for our church on Sunday, with Fred's expert accompaniment. Fun family time for a whole 1.75 days!

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Connie said...

How fun to have family. Fred's daughter is darling. He looks like he's doing well. Brian and Esther and their two youngest are coming to visit for my birthday in two weeks. We're excited.