Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Cool Michigan Stuff

A walking path in a park. Places like this are everywhere.

Look closely and you will see a heron making his way to the water,
right off our patio. We love to watch him catch fish in the pond.

Deer are everywhere, because there are trees everywhere. Even in the city it is not uncommon to see deer, squirrels, rabbits, etc around businesses and homes. There were 6 deer in this group, and some wild turkeys who just happened to saunter across the yard at the same time, close to dusk.

Just some of our great missionaries,
unarguably one of the coolest of Michigan "stuff"!

What is this? We have no idea, but the trees everywhere have these yucky looking things in them - like giant spider webs wrapped around some poor defenseless prey. Gross!

A common Michigan scene - lake, houses built around lake, ducks, geese and swans swimming in lake: beautiful!

We were headed back home from zone conference in Muskegon and decided to take the scenic route. We happened across a park with a bunch of these old fashioned bridges, moved all to one location so people could see how they were built in the days of yore.

We're driving to church, and there is a field filled with geese, just hanging out, eating and visiting; at least 75-100 geese, right next to the street, businesses in the background. Very cool!

This is a cool silo that is unique to Michigan (well, at least we've never seen one like it anywhere else). It's made of tiles and is very unique.
We loved it.

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Little Monkey Mama said...

Okay, so I have to comment on your webs in your trees. We have the same thing here. We thought it was the weirdest thing too. They are called webworms, I think. I found this link
if you want to check it out. The Q&A at the very end of the page says that moths come out of the webs. If you look closely at the webs (if they aren't too high up) you can see little worms inside wriggling around. Kind of creepy.

Okay, science lesson for the day, complete. :) Miss you guys!