Monday, September 1, 2008

Zone Conference

One of our favorite times of each transfer (a 6 week period of time) is zone conference. All the missionaries from several areas meet together in one location and receive instruction and direction on how to do the best and be the best they can be. It is always a time of great inspiration, and a fun time too. Here are a few photos of our last zone conference. You can get the feeling right away of the myriad different personalities of our missionaries. They're lined up to get lunch in these first photos.

These are some of the good women from the St Johns Branch, where we serve, who had prepared lunch for this zone conference. Also pictured here, our elders who serve in St Johns. Elder Franklin, Sister Holm, Sister Hinckle, Sister Hill, Sister Zimmerman, Sister Nicholson, Sister Draut, Sister Hernandez, and Elder Emery. They are THE BEST!

Another of our favorite's from zone conference occurs following lunch. The missionaries make a big circle around the women (and sometimes men) who prepared lunch for us, and express their appreciation, in part, by singing "Called to Serve". It is a wonderful reminder to us, and to the people who have served us, why we are here and what we are doing. It never fails to touch us and help us remember what it is we are doing here in Michigan, and really, what we all are doing as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our Heavenly Father's children.

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Jared, Becky, Emmalie and Kyler said...

I love reading your blog. I'm so glad you put zone conference on here. What an awesome experience all this is!